Old River Baptist Church
Sunday, November 19, 2017
Because He cares, we care!


Bro. Wes Hinote

Senior Pastor, Wes Hinote and his wife Rhonda accepted the call to Old River effective February 1, 2017.  Bro. Wes is pursuing a Doctor of Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is a certified Transitional Pastor and has been working the past three years as a Forge Network Director with the SBT Convention. He believes pastors are not, and should not be hermits.  He desires to be involved in the church people's lives and in the community.  Read more about him.
Email: bro. wes@oldriverbaptist.com

Associate Pastor of Education, Ronnie Webb, and his wife, Karen, came to Old River in 2003. Bro. Ronnie is a graduate of Baylor University and Southwestern Seminary. He leads in the areas of education, teacher training, outreach opportunities, and prayer and visitation ministries.
E-mail: bro.ronnie@oldriverbaptist.com

Davon Eastman, Middle School/Interim Youth Pastor

Middle School/Interim Youth Pastor, Davon
Eastman, will be a spring 2017 graduate of University of Houston.  He was recently ordained to full time ministry of the Gospel by Old River Baptist.  Davon married an Old River Baptist girl, Jaycee, on Dec. 30th.
Email: bro.davon@oldriverbaptist.com

Children's Ministries Coordinator, Amanda Jackson, has worked with children at Old River for many years.  She is a creative and very dedicated children's teacher.  She loves planning activities and ministries that will help children come to know Jesus.
Recently retired Pastor, Bro. Danny Biddy, has a new email address: bro.biddy@gmail.com   


Church Secretary:
Kathy Conway
Financial Secretary: Diana Duncan

For appointments or information: Call 281-576-6030 (8:30-4, M-Th; 8:30-3, F) or email the church office.

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