Old River Baptist Church
Sunday, November 19, 2017
Because He cares, we care!


Salvation: The Beginning Point
Follow the Roman Road to find the way to know Christ. 
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Baptism: An Outward Sign of an Inward Decision

Salvation does not come from baptism. However, we do believe it is an important act of obedience. While salvation is intensely personal, it is not private. Your first "witness" to others of your salvation experience is baptism. Our practice is to do that by immersion. Usually it's scheduled when most family & friends can attend.

Next: Church Membership

You may come for membership at ORBC in these ways:
By baptism (expressing desire to make ORBC your church "home" at the time of your baptism).
By letter (transferring membership from another church).
By statement (transferring membership from a church no longer in existence or where records are lost).
Usually an invitation is extended at the end of each worship service. However, the invitation is always "open"! Our pastor and other ministers would love to talk to you any time about any decision you want to make, or any questions you may have.

Then: Learn & Grow in the Family of God

Use every worship and group study opportunity along with your personal Bible reading to learn and grow.
New Member Orientation Class - Offered periodically; watch for announcements in the church bulletin.
Age-Group Bible Study Classes (Most Effective for Growth & Fellowship) - Sunday mornings for all ages.
Ladies Bible Study Classes - Usually 7-week studies in the fall & spring; watch for details.






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ORBC exists to ...
meet with God,
make disciples, and
minister to others.

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